Managing Director on RRTS project

Economic Times

Shri Singh talks about the separate development plans NCRTC has for different stations to generate non-fare revenue from the transformative RRTS project.


Date : 05.08.2022

Business World

Shri Singh shares his views on how ease of living for people is crucial for ease of doing business. This is precisely what RRTS will provide & unlock Indian economy’s potential.


Date : 13.06.2022

The Statesman

Shri Singh shares his views on how RRTS is all set to open a new chapter in the country’s goal of having high-speed, world-class regional rail corridors.


Date : 14.05.2022

Global Railway Review

Shri Singh discusses how the development of India’s first semi-high-speed regional rail network, the RRTS, will be transformative for commuters and economy.


Date : 03.05.2022

Rail Analysis India

Shri Singh shared his thoughts on how making RRTS a technologically advanced and optimized system has been one of the core strategies for NCRTC since the beginning of the project.

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Date : 14.04.2022


Shri Singh shared information about progress of Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS project and plans for similar high-speed regional rail projects in the country.

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Date : 08.04.2022


Shri Singh shared insights on the unique features of RRTS, how the pandemic impacted the project, steps taken for long-term sustainability of the country’s first RRTS, and much more.

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Date : 09.03.2022

International Railway Journal

Shri Singh talks about the changing face of Indian urban transport and the many innovations team NCRTC has brought in for the transformative RRTS project.

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Date : 22.01.2022

Metro Rail News

Mr. Singh shares his ideas on growing role of RRTS in transport sector, upcoming technologies in metros, how RRTS will be a boon for inter-city connectivity, stimulate polycentric development, economic activity.

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Date : 14.01.2022

Dainik Jagran

Shri Singh talks about how implementation of RRTS will significantly reduce travel time, provide improved access to healthcare, employment, & educational facilities, and enable enhanced industrial investment in the region.

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Date : 10.01.2022

Construction World

In the interview, Shri Singh shared his thoughts on how NCRTC is using the path-breaking CORS network for the first time in the country for a mega-infrastructure project like RRTS.

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Date : 05.01.2022

Hindustan Times

In the interview, Shri Singh shares details on how the transformative RRTS project will provide a fast, safe, reliable, and sustainable mobility solution for commuting problems in NCR.

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Date : 04.01.2022

Shri Singh talks about how the country’s first RRTS will usher in a new era of high-speed in urban transport, making it convenient for people to switch from private vehicles, and helping to reduce air-pollution in NCR.

DD News and DD India : 24.11.2021


Interview with Shri Vinay Kumar Singh, MD, National Capital Region Transport Corporation

The interview brings out his passion for adopting innovative technologies and how he along with his team are working with commitment to bring about a transformational change in regional mobility in NCR with the implementation of RRTS.

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The CEO Magazine: : 11.11.2021

Shri Singh shared his views on how our economy will be driven by a few mega-regions and what role urban mobility will play in driving these engines of growth. He emphasized on the importance of high-speed regional rail systems for providing safe, comfortable, and seamless connectivity across these mega-regions like NCR.
Urban Mobility India’ (UMI) conference 2021 : 01.11.2021

Shri Vinay Kumar Singh, MD, #NCRTC gave a keynote address at the recently held Digital PSU Summit 2021 organized by The Indian Express Group. Shri Singh shared his views on the role of technology for a new-age mass transit project like #RRTS.

He emphasized on how new-age technological tools are helping in expediting timely implementation and will ensure effective operations & maintenance for this transformative high-speed rail-based system. While sharing the learnings from implementing such a huge infrastructure project in the country, he urged industry peers for leveraging innovative technology to achieve high levels of efficiency in project implementation and operation phases. Read More

Digital PSU Summit 2021 : 27.10.2021

Interview with Shri Vinay Kumar Singh, MD, National Capital Region Transport Corporation

At NCRTC, we have a vision of improving the quality of life for millions of people residing in the National Capital Region by providing a fast, equitable, comfortable, safe, and sustainable mobility solution. Read More

Invest India: 25.08.2021

Reimagining Mass Transportation in Post Covid World

Shri Vinay Kumar Singh, Managing Director, NCRTC, shared insights on India’s first RRTS project during the 2nd Edition of ETDigiTech Conclave. Shri Singh explained how RRTS is bringing innovative solutions and systems making it a next-generation green mobility solution, and how Team NCRTC is leveraging cutting-edge technologies in project implementation as well as for enhancing commuter experience to provide a hassle-free, safe, and reliable regional public transport. He also elaborated on the challenges faced, especially during the pandemic as well as the core strategies adopted for project implementation which helped to overcome those challenges.

DigiTech Conclave’21 : 20.08.2021


Business India: 26.07.2021                                             Read More

Navbharat Times - July 2021


Navbharat Times :दिल्ली-मेरठ के बीच रैपिड रेल प्रोजेक्ट तय वक्त पर पूरा होगा या नहीं? रैपिड रेल कौन चलाएगा? दिल्ली और मेरठ के बीच इसका कितना किराया होगा और बाकी कॉरिडोर पर कब तक काम शुरू होगा, इन सभी मुद्दों पर NCRTC के एमडी विनय कुमार सिंह से बातचीत के मुख्य अंशः. 21.07.2021

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DigiTech Dialogues with Vinay Kumar Singh, MD, NCRTC

Economic Times: MD in conversation with ET Government (Economic Times) highlighted how NCRTC will be using cutting edge technology in implementation of RRTS project, a next generation mobility solution – 28.06.2021

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Hindustan Times - Jun 2021


Hindu Business Line - Jan 2021

Hindu Business Line 22nd Jan 2021

Hindu Business Line :To ensure that bidding companies provide for a higher Make In India component… 21.01.2021

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Panel discussion in #RailLive on 02.12.2020

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Greater Delhi’s economic enabler – Ambitious plans are taking shape for an eight-route regional express rail network to serve the rapidly-developing National Capital region.