Revision of standard specifications of Electrical & Electromechanical systems of Metro rail


with transgender persons

With its veritable emphasis on the need and importance of gender-responsive mobility across Delhi-Meerut RRTS corridor, a community outreach and awareness program was organized by NCRTC as part of JFPR grant. The program, organized on 28 February 2023 in New Delhi, was an endeavour to integrate the transgender community in mainstream population and disseminate information on the commitment of RRTS in providing safe and secure commuting experience to them.

The community program saw attendance of 112 participants who identified themselves as transgenders.  The very notion bolstering this program was to impart information about RRTS and the potential benefits it offers as a medium of public transport. In addition, this program was also envisaged as an opportunity to learn about the challenges this section of population encounters while commuting in public transports. Such learnings may be conducive for NCRTC in making the commuting experience pleasant for transgender persons and provide an unencumbered mobility.

Commencing with an in-depth information about RRTS corridor and its potential benefits as safe, secure, fast and reliable mode of public transport, the gender and mobility experts further took dedicated sessions on role of improved mobility in access to enhanced income-generation opportunities as well as easy and rapid access to healthcare services located in bigger cities/towns.