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transformational technologies

Project Monitoring
SPEED is a cloud-based sophisticated, robust, reliable, and user-friendly platform, developed in-house, which leverages fundamental underlying technological frameworks such as JavaScript, PHP etc. It is a project management and monitoring tool for capturing reporting activities of pre-construction and construction phases of the Project in real time. The SPEED dashboard brings out the periodical progress reports highlighting actual progress of construction work at different sections, delays/gaps in the work, and action areas facilitating the concerned department & project authority for timely implementation. The SPEED dashboard provides multiple options to the users, customized based on the role and privileges of the user. It records all kinds of correspondence and minutes of meetings with the stakeholders without any human interference.

Combining multiple disciplines

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is an intelligent 3D model-based process that provides architecture, engineering, and construction professionals the insights & tools to more effectively plan, design, construct, and manage buildings & infrastructure. All components are modelled in 3D with the help of various BIM software and a single database (BIM model) combines information from all disciplines – Architecture, Structure, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Safety (MEPF) etc. This is further used to extract drawings and other information in the form of BOQs, reports, etc. Working in this collaborative environment ensures that the design development happens on the latest information available, for example the MEPF services design happens on the Architecture BIM model which ensures reliability of architectural and structural data. Currently, all the RRTS stations are being designed and developed on BIM platform.


Common Data Environment

NCRTC planned to maintain common repository of all construction and pre-construction drawings and technical documents in digital format at a centralized repository, so as to enable fast retrieval of these documents as and when required from anywhere. For this purpose, NCRTC uses an indigenously developed “Common Data Environment (CDE)” – a central repository to store and share data in real-time.
CDE is a user-friendly solution which is mobile accessible and allows online viewing, sharing, and commenting of all project-related documents, drawings, & models. The in-built workflow management in the CDE system enables digital workflows for preparation and approval of all types of drawings & technical documents from different stakeholders at various levels of hierarchy. Thus, it enables greater transparency, efficient search, and retrieval of data.

Continuously Operating Reference Station

NCRTC is using Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) network with multiple Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) base stations which are located at stable locations. These stations operate 24 X 7 at a distance of 5 to 10 km along the corridor, which eliminates dependence on distance, ionospheric & manual errors in survey. Using the rovers within the CORS Net, surveyors can provide accurate (x, y) coordinates on ground (within 10 – 12 mm accuracy of location) and eliminate the existing process of everyday orientation of Total Station. This saves time without the fear of manual errors. CORS technology provides real time precise coordinates for the measured locations and is capable of ensuring 5-10 mm accuracy in location points for accurate civil structure alignment.

Geofencing based Attendance Information Mobile App
GATI is an IT tool, developed in-house by NCRTC team, for efficient management of manpower and resources deployed at multiple locations. GATI, which is based on Geo-fencing technology and works on Artificial Intelligence based face recognition system, helps staff to mark attendance from sites, offices, and homes. It provides a touchless attendance marking system and overcomes the challenges faced by Bio-metric systems. NCRTC has received copyright registration for GATI application.