Revision of standard specifications of Electrical & Electromechanical systems of Metro rail


transformational technologies

Implementation Phase


Geofencing based Attendance Information Mobile AppGATI is an IT tool, developed in-house by NCRTC team, for efficient management of manpower and resources deployed at multiple

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CORS Technology

Continuously Operating Reference Station NCRTC is using Continuously Operating Reference Station (CORS) network with multiple Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) base stations which are located

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Common Data Environment NCRTC planned to maintain common repository of all construction and pre-construction drawings and technical documents in digital format at a centralized repository,

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Building Information Modelling

Combining multiple disciplines BIM (Building Information Modelling) is an intelligent 3D model-based process that provides architecture, engineering, and construction professionals the insights & tools to

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Project MonitoringSPEED is a cloud-based sophisticated, robust, reliable, and user-friendly platform, developed in-house, which leverages fundamental underlying technological frameworks such as JavaScript, PHP etc. It

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Operation Phase

Energy Efficiency

RRTS trains have push buttons for selective opening of doors. This eliminates the opening of all doors at every station, thus leading to energy saving.

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ETCS L2 Signalling

For India’s first RRTS, NCRTC has implemented European Train Control System (ETCS) Level 2 which includes Automatic Train Protection (ATP), Automatic Train Operation (ATO), and

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Track Structure

The pre-cast ballastless tracks for RRTS, which support high design speed of 180 kmph, are being indigenously manufactured in India. RRTS tracks support high-performance and

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