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First trainset of India’s 1st RRTS reaches Duhai Depot

The first trainset of India’s first RRTS has reached Duhai Depot. This trainset was loaded on a trailer from the manufacturing plant located in Savli, Gujarat, and brought to Duhai via road. In its journey to reach Duhai Depot, the train has travelled through three states; Rajasthan, Haryana, and finally Uttar Pradesh.

All the six coaches of the trainset were loaded on six separate trailers. On reaching Duhai Depot, they were unloaded with the help of a crane and in the coming days, the trainset will be assembled in the Depot itself. Tracks have already been completed for its arrival at Duhai Depot and preparations are going on for the testing. For the operation of RRTS trains, an administrative building has been built in the Duhai Depot itself.

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