Rolling EoI for Feeder Services for Delhi-Ghaziabad-Meerut RRTS corridor


Excerpt from the address by Shri Vinay Kumar Singh to team NCRTC on 16th March 2024

Dear Friends,

Today, I want to share an important update with all of you, as straightforwardly as I can.

Firstly, the news about my resignation is true.

I am leaving happy and satisfied. My journey, inspired by the Honourable Prime Minister’s vision of a Viksit Bharat and NCRTC’s motto “Gati se Pragati”, has been remarkable. We’ve achieved a lot together, starting as the only employee of the corporation about 7 years back, now we are a team of 400 specialists, each expert in his/her own domain. All of us are working towards expanding the Namo Bharat network in the National Capital Region (NCR).

We have deployed cutting-edge technologies across all aspects of working of NCRTC making our office nearly paperless—a rare feat in public sector organizations. Technologies such as Common Data Environment (CDE), Building Information Modelling (BIM), SPEED (Project Monitoring software), GATI APP, e-file, SAP, and i-DREAMS (Asset management system) have been our tools in project implementation. Today NCRTC is renowned in the industry for its agility, transparency, technical & managerial prowess, and for our accomplishments.

Our selection of advanced technologies for RRTS implementation includes:
a) Extensive pre-casting,
b) Pioneered low maintenance pre-cast slab track installation in India for 180 kmph,
c) High-speed overhead equipment,
d) Lightweight high performance rolling stock capable of 180 kmph speed,
e) LTE telecommunication backbone using the 700 MHz spectrum, and
f) Installation of advanced ETCS Level II signalling system for the first time in the world.

Additionally, we have introduced interoperability among the RRTS corridors, extensive multi modal integration, sharing infrastructure between metro and RRTS in Meerut, and transformational initiatives like relocating the Bhainsali Bus Adda in Meerut and introducing two directional bus adda with seamless metro connectivity.

Looking ahead, the addition of seamless connectivity of Jewar airport will expand RRTS network significantly creating a network of public transit networks with RRTS as its backbone. Our focus on Transit Oriented Development (TOD), working with the State Governments of Uttar Pradesh and NCT of Delhi and the proactive support in approval of Meerut’s Master Plan aligning with TOD principles are remarkable achievements for an organisation as young as NCRTC. Commissioning of the 34 km Delhi Meerut corridor within 4.5 years has been commendable and acknowledged not only in the country but also globally. The balance project is in state of readiness for commissioning in next 6 months, which is 9 months ahead of the target.

Our efforts have been recognized and to our joy and pride Stage I and Stage II were inaugurated by none other than the Honourable Prime Minister himself. He has been kind in appreciating NCRTC’s innovations and admired the world class RRTS infrastructure including the speed and low-noise ride. The deployment of women train operators and station controllers numbered more than 50% of the total strength has been widely celebrated.

Together we have brought a paradigm shift in the field of operations and maintenance with introduction of two very innovative operating models. First, the 12-year comprehensive contract for O&M of RRTS and second, the 15-year maintenance of rolling stock awarded to the OEM. Now the same procurement methodology is being followed by Indian Railways and various metro corporations. The industry is looking towards NCRTC for setting more such benchmarks. And therefore, we have a responsibility to ensure that these partnerships are successfully aimed at delivering better experiences for the commuters.

The approval of both the next RRTS corridors i.e. Delhi-SNB and Delhi-Panipat by the participating State Governments, release of funds by them and the support from various funding agencies speak volumes about our commitment and the trust placed in us by all our stakeholders.

As I step down, I see a bright future for NCRTC, with endless opportunities for growth, innovation, and collaboration. Business development, partnerships, and our achievements till now are just the beginning. My heart is full of gratitude for the consistent support from all the Governments and all of you.

Change is inevitable, but I am confident it brings good. I leave NCRTC contented, knowing that the foundation we’ve built together is strong and that the future is bright. I am always here for you, ready to support both professionally and personally. Let’s continue to serve our nation with pride and dedication.

Wishing you all the best in continuing our shared mission of building a New India.

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