Community Interaction Program in Meerut

In continuation with its efforts to engage with the stakeholders, NCRTC recently held a Community Interaction Program (CIP). More than 500 women participated in this massive outreach program organized in Meerut. During the program, NCRTC officials apprised the participants about how the RRTS project will prove to be a key-enabler for women empowerment, and the various socio-economic benefits it will bring in for the region and specifically for women.

NCRTC team with the support of an NGO brought in senior health officials of UP Government, WHO, and UNESCO to interact with the participants. The program included discussions on role of women in developing a healthy society, healthy lifestyle, importance of immunization, nutrition, Covid-19 vaccination, psychological support, and a quiz to check awareness with regards to healthcare issues.

It was heartening to see that the women participants were aware and were keen to know more about the RRTS project. They showed great interest in knowing how RRTS will provide them a mode for safe and comfortable travel, location of the upcoming stations, and other facets of the system. They were excited with the prospect of having access to efficient connectivity to travel across NCR, independently, as per their requirements and without having to worry about the time of travel or safety and security concerns.