Revision of standard specifications of Electrical & Electromechanical systems of Metro rail



Tender No.


Name of work

DM/FN/COR-OF/155 : Contract for Providing Internal Audit Services.

Mode of Tender Enquiry

Open E-Bid

Date of Publication of NIT


Type of Bidding (Single/Two Bid System)

Single Stage Two Packet System

Nos. of tenders recd.

17 1.M/s Chandra Wadhwa and Co (1/17) 2.M/s Agarwal and Dhandhania (2/17) 3.M/s Kishore and kishore (3/17) 4.M/s J Singh and Associates (4/17) 5.M/s Shiv and Associates (5/17) 6.M/s Vijender Sharma and Company (6/17) 7.M/s Manoj Mohan and Associates (7/17) 8.M/s G K Kedia and Co (8/17) 9.M/s Pramod Manoj & Co (9/17) 10.M/s Luthra and Luthra (10/17) 11.M/s KPMG (Registered) (11/17) 12.M/s CK Prusty and Associates (12/17) 13.M/s Rama K Gupta and Company (13/17) 14.M/s Shiv & Associates (14/17) 15.M/s Gopal Chopra and Associates (15/17) 16.M/s Sorabh Sethi Co (16/17) 17.M/s Gianender and Associates (17/17)

Nos. and names of parties qualified after technical evaluation

05 1.M/s Agarwal and Dhandhania (2/17) 2.M/s Kishore and kishore (3/17) 3.M/s J Singh and Associates (4/17) 4.M/s G K Kedia and Co (8/17) 5.M/s Luthra and Luthra (10/17)

Nos. and names of parties not qualified after technical evaluation

12 1.M/s Chandra Wadhwa and Co (1/17) 2.M/s Shiv and Associates (5/17) 3.M/s Vijender Sharma and Company (6/17) 4.M/s Manoj Mohan and Associates (7/17) 5.M/s Pramod Manoj & Co (9/17) 6.M/s KPMG (Registered) (11/17) 7.M/s CK Prusty and Associates (12/17) 8.M/s Rama K Gupta and Company (13/17) 9.M/s Shiv & Associates (14/17) 10.M/s Gopal Chopra and Associates (15/17) 11.M/s Sorabh Sethi Co (16/17) 12.M/s Gianender and Associates (17/17)

Last Date of receipt of tender


Awarded Value of Contract(In equivalent INR)

INR 93,499/-

Hyperlink of Letter of Award (LOA)/Work Order

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